Tuesday March 1 – Corrib Pub

Ma’am UP, Bitches…..after a LOT of sunblock and tequila, annnnd a week of recuperation from my vacation, it’s time to strap on the mic and get back to gettin Dirty!

It’s my pleasure to be coming in like a lion for the first Tuesday Night All-Stars’ lineup of March with keyboard/vocal goddess Alizon Lissance and devilishly clever guitar slinger Michael Williams, and (OF COURSE) my not-so-secret love, host Eddie Scheer and his partner in crime, Randy Bramwell on Bass!
Whenever Ali, Eddie and I get together, it is a madcap adventure of songs that spring up out of nowhere because of a comment or a look one of us throws out…..we call it musical Tourette’s, and it is NEVER the same and ALWAYS an adventure! (Mike and Randy may be two of the only people who can hang onto this crazy runaway train we’re on….)
You know you wanna be there…. check in at the Corrib Pub in Brighton, we’re hitting at 8pm, taking no prisoners, and going till all of our minds are BLOWN!


Corrib Pub
396 Market St
Brighton, MA 02135


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